I am a thirty-something woman who has just realized that life really is AMAZING if you just take time to look at it in a “slow” light.  Being active on my local Slow Food Board of Directors gives me the opportunity to stay involved in sustainable, local, and heritage agriculture, as well as, taking the time to enjoy everything this land has to offer.  Being surrounded by breath-taking landscapes, amazing farm fresh food, exotic wild foraged foods, and all the tiny miracles in between that get passed over if you don’t look closely, allow me the opportunity to share these precious offerings with you.

Being an accomplished baker and culinary artist, I would like to encourage you to join me every week as I immerse myself in the world of “living the slow life”. Together, we will explore the “slow” way of living through nature, cooking & baking, travel, writing, and “slow” involvement. This region is rich with culture & lore, artists of all trades, flourishing farmers, lush mountains full of terroir, and culinary magicians everywhere you look.

Let’s share how to live “slow”, and enjoy the essence of life together!


One response to “About

  1. Linda

    we love to try new things. the fresh wild food that god put on the earth is great. thanks for the photo and information on wild plants.

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