On A Stick with Matt

Matt Armendariz, from Matt Bites, first of all, has the most amazing job, and I wish I was his assistant.  But, secondly, has been gracious enough to have Eric at Quirk books, send his fellow foodie bloggers a free copy of his new book, On a Stick!

I was so excited when the post man delivered me the package, that he may as well had tied a large, red ribbon on it! There are so many wonderful recipes in this book, and I relish in the fact that there is everything from frozen cocktails, to Vietnamese street food to deep fried candy bars to entertain with.  After perusing the book a few times, I have put together 3 different, 5 course meals that I can’t wait to make for dinner this week.

And the mojito melons……well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

I must admit though, the first recipe I decided to try was the ice cream sandwich on a stick.  The weather here is getting very warm, and what’s better than a homemade ice cream sandwich in hand, and on a stick.  The stick really helps keep your hands clean, and is rather fun to eat off of too.

Since my strawberries have been very prolific this year, I decided to make some strawberry ice cream as the filling, and sandwiched it between orange sugar cookies which were peppered generously with candied orange peel.

Go ahead….take a bite….you know you want to!

This book should be in everyone’s summer entertaining repertoire, and you can buy it here.  I hope all of you enjoy making fun food on a stick as much as I do.


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