‘Tis Trout Season

10:00 am…..all the little fishes are stirring….

3:00pm……I’m clocking out of work, hopping on the bike, and headed for home….

3:03pm, I am hopping off the bike and in to the car where my husband has already packed up our waders, water, and snacks—–off to the river!


guess who is reeling in the big one of the day??!!…….

This time last year, my husband and I were fly fishing in Slovenia.

Trekking through the Julian Alps and fishing the Soca river was one of the most memorable experiences I have had.

Slovenia is a hidden gem.  This country has is it all; amazing culinary experiences, wine, gorgeous mountains rich in history, and rivers so clear and so turquoise that you would think you were in the Caribbean!

The reason for the  bright blue color in the water is all the limestone in the area.

And the Grayling seem to be very happy swimming in such a clean and clear water source…

We stayed at Hotel Hvala in Kobarid, which is about 2 hours from Venice, Italy.

This family run hotel was a pleasure to stay in.   The young brothers and sisters that run this hotel are eager to please.  Sitting at our table, the oldest sister would come over to take our order, then go to the table next to us and take their order in German, then the next in Italian, Slovenian, and French.  Because Slovenia is surrounded by so many different countries, they would learn all the languages in school as youth.

Every day, when we would come down to the dining area, our reservation cards sat patiently on our table awaiting our arrival.  Baskets of pastries, honey, and jam, platters of cured meats and cheeses, and fresh yogurt were dancing around our plates.  Breakfast was a traditional ‘ham and eggs’ plate that consisted of two large slabs of local  ham, seared in the pan, topped with fresh, bright orange -yolked eggs steamed to a perfect ‘over easy’ and garnished with peppercorns.

Lunches and dinners, in-house or out, were always five courses.  Thick rich soups, crisp garden fresh salads, tender pork with fresh peppercorns,  local venison stew, cured local meats, seafood, and intricate desserts…need I say more?

When we went on our all-day fishing trips, the restaurant packed our lunches for us.  Once again, five courses and a bottle of local wine; which was amazing by the way.  After eating fried chicken, various salads, meat and cheese courses, dessert, fresh bread and drinking wine in the middle of our fishing day, I could hardly manage to keep up for another 5 hours!  After all that amazing food and wine, I was ready for a nap!  I quickly learned that the Slovenians like to keep their guests’ glasses full as well.  After my first three glasses of wine, I started to wise up and began to drink slower.  On one of the rivers we were on, there was a huge fig tree that lent to a sweet afternoon snack—not that I needed more food!

This town is tiny, clean, and very walkable.  The houses are all very picturesque with flowers spilling out of every orifice. There is also an amazing pizza place and bakery there in town as well.The bakery made the largest cream puffs I’ve ever seen—and I enjoyed every moment of stuffing one in to my face!


Kobarid is rich in history.

Hiking through the Julian Alps, was like we had traveled through time. The Italian-Slovenian war of 1917, battle of Caporetto, took place here.  We had hiked through old barracks, up extremely steep and narrow mountain steps, across the Napoleon Bridge, and passed by old rock huts that the soldiers stayed huddled in for months on end through the cold barren winters.  Back in town, we visited the museum which has a numerous amount of memorabilia and floors of photographs, maps, and geographical layouts of the war.  The museum told the story in full and the caretaker could tell you even more, if you had any questions.

This is one country I would definitely like to go back to and explore some more.  If any of you get there, drop me a line and let me how you like it.



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