Tooting my own horn…

Yes, I am tooting my own horn because the face of yours truly is featured in Verve magazine.  I am tooting my own horn for good reason though.  By reading the article that friend and photographer Naomi Johnson wrote, you will understand that it is a piece of great importance.  Food justice and sustainable agriculture are hot topics in the news, and in homes all across the world these days.

All of you readers out there should take a few minutes and go to the Slow Food USA website, which is featured on my side bar, and see what you can do to help or how to get involved.  Their symbol, the adorable and dashing Mr. Snail, is getting world recognition.  When you see such a symbol, it means that the establishment which hosts it is a supporter or producer of  local, organic, and sustainable practices and products.  This is the place you want to  purchase from.  It is an invaluable effort to support your local producers, and protect our food system and farmers.

Also, if you will notice the large 10% icon in my sidebar , I urge you to click on that one as well.  The 10% campaign, which has had a recent beginning, is a wonderful way for people to pledge to purchase at least 10% of their food from local producers.  You can also log on to their site and see how much revenue is being generated with in the state.  If you live in North Carolina, then I would love to see you sign up and participate, but if you live elsewhere and are interested in setting up a campaign like this, just shoot me an email and I will see what we can get going for you.

Also featured in the article was the Nancy Hall sweet potato.  I will send a post in the next day or so featuring the lovely ‘sweets’ and a yummy recipe too!


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  1. Ch@d

    Congrats, Tia!!!

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