Goat Cheese Quiche and Baba aux Savarins

After working the past two days at Looking Glass Creamery, I was inspired to make something with goat cheese.

So I called up my friend Carah, and invited her over for brunch.

Since the weather here has been classically autumnal; cool, crisp air, and warm sun, I decided to do brunch outside in the garden and stoke up the fire pit.

Upon her arrival, I had cappuccinos frothing, and a platter of savarin rings soaked in orange brandy, topped with Looking Glass Creamery chevre, local honey, and raspberries from the garden.  I also had some fresh fruit and the creamery’s Early Bird cheese as well…

After our appetizer, we had a bacon and veggie quiche with dollops of the farms’ creamy chevre throughout…

(and a few more frothy cappuccinos!)

Savarin, is a classic European pastry that is similar to a doughnut, but baked and dipped in a rum-sugar syrup.

Baba aux Savarin

2 1/4t yeast

1/2C warm milk (110°)

1/2t salt

4 oz bread flour

4 eggs, room temp

1t pure vanilla

1/2t salt

6 oz unsalted butter (1 1/2 sticks), room temp

8 oz cake flour

Sugar Syrup

4C water

24 oz sugar

1 orange, unpeeled and quartered

1C dark rum or orange cognac

* Place all ingredients, except liquor in a pot and bring to a boil.  Cook until sugar is dissolved, take off heat, and add in liquor, keep warm until use.

  1. First, dissolve the yeast in the warm milk until starting to froth
  2. Then, stir in the bread flour until smooth, cover, and let rise until it gets bubbly and then starts to fall a little bit ( mine took about 2 hours and the dough will be a little thick)
  3. In a mixer bowl, using a paddle & on low speed, add in the eggs, vanilla, salt, and butter to the flour mixture.
  4. Slowly, add in the cake flour until it becomes a smooth paste.
  5. Put in to a piping bag with a large round tip and pipe in to butter & flour lined Baba molds, but only half way up the sides, let rest again until risen just above the top ( about an hour and a half)
  6. Bake in 400º preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes until golden brown
  7. Take out of oven and immediately dip into pan of sugar syrup.  After about a minute, flip it over and let it soak up on the other side for about a minute.  The savarin will puff up a little and become heavy with syrup. Take it out of the syrup and set it on a wire rack.
  8. Slather with apricot glaze and serve immediately with creme chantilly, sabayon, ice cream, or chevre.  And don’t forget the fresh fruit!



Semisoft Goat Cheese


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