Every one say: Cheese!

I ask you, who wouldn’t want to be enveloped in rich, creamy, goat chevre, or perfectly aged wheels that are smothered in chocolate stout?  My past two days have been spent helping out with cheese production at Looking Glass Creamery, where Jen Perkins dedicates her time and passion to make local goat and cow milk into precious bundles of handcrafted cheese for us locals to enjoy!  A creamery, by definition, does not keep animals on sight like a homestead farm does.  Jen purchases milk from several local farms here, and turns it into an elegant line of cheeses at the facility on her land.  I was fortunate enough to be able to help out this week, and learn a thing or two about cheese making.

I showed up at a blustery 8:30am to start with production….

But inside, it was a balmy 70 degrees, just the way the cultures like it!

Upon entering the facility, the first thing I spy are these beautiful bags full of chevre draining, and just begging for me to give them a squeeze…

After all the chevre was squeezed, it was then ready for its’ debut.  Getting tossed with all sorts of herbs and spices, it was then packed up and ready to get shipped out, fresh that day…

Mmmmm…. spicy chipotle was warming me up!

Several restaurants in the area were getting 4# buckets to use in some wonderful recipe on the menu that evening.

As we were diligently packaging up chevre, milk was churning in a large steel vat on the other side of the room…

Turning into curds and whey, which made me feel like Miss Muffet with a huge bowl of curds all to myself!!

When the curds were ready, we started scooping and packing them into their molds…

While these little guys were compressing themselves into the “Early Bird” cheese, I was packaging and tying up the previously aged batch with a bow…

We also covered some of the “Chocolate Lab” cheese with its’ exquisite choco-stout layer, and put it back to age for a day, then cut and packaged some for retail…

The next day, you can see how much the curds had shrunk as they shed some of their whey…

Then, they got massaged with salt ( oh, if we could all get salt massages) and layed to rest for several weeks…

Last but not least, this beautiful herbed feta is sporting the label all of you should be looking for when purchasing items at your grocer….the label for locally produced goods.  That way, you know it was cared for and loved by your local farmer,(or cheese maker) and as fresh as it could be for your body to enjoy!

I encourage all of you to source out your local cheese maker and enjoy eating it as much as I do!

Be sure to check out my next post for recipes using Jen’s amazing cheese!



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