Your Neighborhood Bakery

How wonderful would it be to have one of your neighbors start a walk-in bakery?

The smell of fresh-baked bread and pastries wafting through the air while you are out weeding your garden, or taking the dog out.

Well, my friend Jennifer Thomas has done just that.  Smack dab in the middle of her beautiful neighborhood in Montford, NC she started a certified kitchen and provides scrumptious goodies for all the neighbors to enjoy.

Walking up her drive and through her blooming gardens, she is there to greet me at the door.

Upon entering her beautiful home, I immediately saw the adorable pie plate with bakery sign in it on her counter top.  Then, I was enveloped by the amazing smell of her sourdough bread baking.

She was getting ready for the neighborhood “block” party by making graham crackers and sheets of fresh marshmallows, yes, FRESH made marshmallows…

for none other than the infamous S’mores!  YUM!

Enjoying a cup of tea with Jen and her lovely daughter, I also enjoyed a moist and flavorful bran muffin with lots of goodies in it such as flax and fruit…

Sitting in her quaint kitchen, you will notice a handmade apron just begging to get worn to the Baker’s Ball…

Seriously, look at those ruffles and polk-a-dots, who wouldn’t want to prance around in that, I ask you???!!

While waiting for the bread to cool, we enjoyed each others’ conversation and the tour of home and garden.

Lucky for me, there were only three orders for bread and Jen was kind enough to let me leave with the last one, which is REALLY amazing, (and all gone) by the way.

It was a perfect sourdough.  Crunchy on the outside, with a moist crumb in the center consisting of the right mix of grain and sour.  My husband and I enjoyed lots of warm bread with butter in the evenings!

Jen has a great little menu for her community to enjoy, and includes seasonal and local items as well.  She also likes to hold cooking classes in-home to all those willing to learn the art of baking.  You won’t find a more kind, fun, and easy-going person to teach you the fine skill it takes to be a great baker, so I urge any of you who would like to learn, to give her a call.

Thanks for the wonderful afternoon and goodies Jen!

Tea Bread


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