You’re How Old???

This is what my family asks me when it’s my birthday.  Since I am the baby, everyone else starts to calculate how old they are when it’s my day.  It’s official, as of yesterday, I have hit the mid-thirty point.

I decided to prove to myself that I am not old yet by hiking some packs full of food and drinks up a to a mountain cliff near here and have brunch with a few friends.

It was so windy when we got there, that we had to go in the woods a little ways to set up for brunch

We had a fabulous spread of food

prosciutto, pesto, organic grapes, and some amazing French cheese

Mascarpone cheese with fresh herbs, lavender, and capers, smoked local trout, and broiled leeks

Marinated heirloom tomatoes from the garden with some spring mix

a plate of local blueberries, cherry ruglach, and marzipan balls rolled in cocao beans and cocoa..

And a big ol’ tin of biscuits, Southern Style, compliments of my friend Louis

These amazing plates that all the food is on are made from sustainable palm, and were sent to me by Justin Marx at Marx Foods.  All of you should check these out for a great, sustainable option that come in fun shapes.

We also made some peach Bellini’s with some wonderful Prosecco and fresh local peaches

I kept getting fussed at by my friend Steff because I wouldn’t stop moving in all the pictures…

But, I got plenty of Birthday smiles from this little cutie…

It was a GREAT Birthday, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more than to hang out with my dear friends in the beautiful NC mountains.



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2 responses to “You’re How Old???

  1. carla

    Happybirthday girlie!
    Hate it I missed you but I will treat you to drinks soon…very soon.

    blog looks great- keep up the good work

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