Everyone Loves Making Pizza

Today, I went to a community center near my house and helped some wonderful kids make pizza through a program my friend Kate started called FEAST.

FEAST stands for Fresh Easy Affordable Sustainable and Tasty.

The program is designed to help kids learn to identify fresh vegetables, and be able to cook a healthy meal for themselves and their families. We have grants that allow us to teach in schools and communities in the area.  The children always have fun playing around in the kitchen and learn to make some yummy meals.

They made all the dough themselves yesterday, and rolled it out today…

And others had fun making the sauce….

From fresh garden tomatoes…

Topping the pizza is the funnest part of all…

Look how beautiful…

Some girls squeezed lots of lime juice to make limeade for a fundraiser…

And after our lunch (there was only ONE piece of pizza left out of nine whole pizzas by the way!) we had a lovely little escort  to take us into the gardens and show us around…

She showed us the cob oven they can bake in…

and some animals (someone let the duck out…oops!)…

and so many beautiful vegetables that the families can come pick whenever….

It was a lovely afternoon, and I encourage all of you parents out there to have fun making pizza or any other fresh meal with your kids.

I will post a simple pizza crust recipe soon.


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