What a Hoot!

When I was hiking the other day, I came around a curve on the trail, only to hear this light screeching noise.  When I looked up, I saw a pair of very large eyeballs looking back a me!  Not twenty feet from my face was (what I am sure to be) a large spotted owl. What a beautiful creature.  I haven’t seen an owl since I was a kid up North. I thought it unusual that he was there in the middle of the morning, just screeching away.

Last night, my friend and I went hiking to the same spot that I saw the owl a few days before.  As we were hiking along near the same area that I had spotted him, I heard the screeching again! With excitement, we ventured off trail a ways, looked around, and were amazed to find two, yes I said TWO large spotted owls enjoying themselves on a deadwood tree.  I snapped a shot as far as I could zoom in, took a long gander at the adorning couple and continued on my hike with a feeling of glee.  What a wonderful treat that was!  I look forward to our weekly meetings in the woods!


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  1. carla

    sweet, tia! I want to check that out.

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