Amazing Alpacas

A couple of weeks ago, during farm tour, I visited the local Alpaca farm where I met Joe and Starr Cash, an informative and fun couple who talked to me about raising, breeding, and overall maintenance of the animals, along with making yarn from the fur.

They get sheared once a year, as you can see from their mop-tops that are left.

The Alpaca’s are not terribly sociable, but are pack animals.  They like to be with each other out in their natural environment.

Starr took me inside and showed me several beautiful items that were made by a dear friend of hers.

There were beautiful casserole dish holders…

And gorgeous hand bags….

Look at these baby-soft batts of fur…(I could curl up in this super-soft young Alpaca’s fur!)

The Alpaca wool is not picky, it tends to be very soft and extremely warm.  There is also no oil in their fur.

There were also baskets of yarn spilling out…

And the most vibrant red wool I’ve ever seen…

There were also great hats and scarves for winter; which will soon be here, and is a welcoming thought in this 98 degree weather!

Everything is dyed naturally and made with love.  Alpaca wool clothing is very nice to have in the winter time, I encourage all of you to support our local fiber farmers!

I also took home some raw pieces of fiber for my husband to tie flies with—he was very excited!
So if all you fishermen out there are looking for some local fur, check out your neighborhood farmer!


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