oh yeah, car camping

Last weekend was my friend’s birthday, so we packed up ‘the girls’ and went to the lake for the weekend.  It is quite a hefty ways out there, and winds through the mountains pretty good, but boy is it worth it.

Now, as we all know, I am more than happy to strap on the back pack and get deep in the mountains, but there is something to be said about car camping as well.

Just look at these pictures!

Nothing stirring but some large mouth bass…see his ripples in the water?

I love the early morning calm

So nice and warm to swim in too, like my own private spa

At about 6:08am the next morning a large woodpecker decided to sound the morning alarm

…right above our heads I might add!

Wearily, we decided to get up and fish a little while the others were still asleep.

Fresh press coffee in the woods always tastes so much better than at home, why is that???

I decided to make a batch of butter biscuits the day before and bring them for breakfast sandwiches….you can see how much is left after we got to them

I believe there was a large platter of bacon floating around somewhere too..mmmm

As far as the birthday cake went, I was trying to figure out what type of cake I could make her that would be stable enough for camping

I finally decided on my sourcream coffeecake recipe, that way I could keep it in the bundt pan for protection.

I made some lemon curd, which got dropped in the center by the dollop full, and picked a bowl of raspberries from the garden, that got heavily sprinkled throughout the batter.  Topped it with a lemon almond streusel and viola!

(I am more than happy to share this recipe if anyone would like it, just let me know)

Having very full bellies, we decided to go for a hike (with the exception of my husband who went fly fishing).

We drove over to the Joyce Kilmer National Forest.

This place is full of old growth Poplars and Hemlocks (which I am terribly sad to announce that the hemlocks are mostly all dead due to the Woolly Adelgid ).  None-the-less, the sights are quite amazing if you have the chance to make it over that way.  The loop is short, but there is another trail that connects at the beginning and has hours worth of back forest hiking to be had.

I apologize for the dark pictures, it was very shady in there.  It was also VERY humid and I couldn’t wait to go jump in the river on my way out when we went to pick up my husband!

…actually, we decided to stay a bit longer and fish the river

….I caught my first small mouth bass on the fly!


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