Service Berries

Serviceberries, AKA, Juneberries, are a wonderful little treat if you happen to stumble across them.

In early June they are ripe for the pickin’!

They look like blueberries, except the fact that they are red to begin with, then turn deep purple-blue.  They are sweet and the flesh has a very light flavor, but…

when you come to the tiny seed in the middle and bite into it….

Pow!  a huge hit of what tastes like fresh almond oil!

I love these little guys, and the red ones are just as sweet as the purple ones.  It is such a neat little berry.

Legend has it:

When people died in the winter, the ground was too hard to dig, so when the Juneberry bush flowered in mid-April, they knew the ground was warm enough to start providing ‘services’ to the community

I know, kind of morbid for such a sweet little fruit, but at least it has a story!


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