Fresh Strawberry Panna cotta

This panna cotta was made with local strawberries and unpasteurized farm fresh milk.  Do you see that thick layer underneath the strawberries?  That is  the fresh cream from the cow that rose to the top and set when I made this mmm……

Panna Cotta

This is a simple, easy- to -make summer dessert that will showcase any fresh fruit that is in season.

10 oz of heavy cream (about 1 1/4C)

10 oz whole milk ( about 1 1/4C)

4oz cane sugar (1/2C)

2t powdered gelatin

1t pure vanilla extract

*If you use less gelatin (1 1/2t) the panna cotta will be creamier, a little more (2 1/4t) and it will be a bit thicker.

  • Heat the milk, cream, and sugar in a pot over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved, then remove from heat
  • In a separate bowl; mix the gelatin with five times it’s weight of  cold water (3T + 1t) and add into the warm milk mixture until dissolved
  • Stir in the vanilla
  • Pour into glass jars or bowls and refrigerate until set
  • Top with fruit topping

Strawberry Topping

2C fresh berries

1/4C water

2T cane sugar

1T cornstarch + 3T water

  • Place berries, sugar, and water in a pot over medium heat
  • bring to a light boil and stir for about 5 minutes
  • add in cornstarch a little at a time until thickened
  • let boil for 1 minute, then pour into a shallow bowl, cover with wrap and refrigerate until cool




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2 responses to “Fresh Strawberry Panna cotta

  1. Ch@d

    Found ur bl()g.

    This looks really tasty.

    Can’t wait to see more.

  2. carla

    this all looks fab! great blog, great food….can’t wait to see more 🙂

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