Chipmunks, turtles, and bears…oh my!

Ok, it’s 5:00am, time to get up and turn on the oven….and maybe go back to bed for an hour.

6:25, bread is going in the oven and on the stone to bake.  I started this bread 2 days ago and am excited to see how it turns out.  I followed Elra’s blog for this recipe.  I love her blog, it is very inspiring to me and I can’t wait to make a few of her recipes.

7:30, bread is cooling and the hiking shoes are getting put on. Tala knows something is about to happen when I grab my shoes, so she is jumping around and taunting Yana.

8:00, here we go……. 

Today, the girls and I decided to venture on new territory.  We were cruisin’ along up the windy mountain roads to the Blue Ridge Parkway enjoying some Gomez, when what do I see???

A sweet bear cub running in front of me with his soft roly-poly fur jiggling around.

My first thought is: “Is he alone? Where is his mother?”, then a moment later, as I am fumbling to get a camera, I find Mama!  She is not happy to see me and greets me with a stomp and a snort….”thank God I am in the car” is my second thought.  Tala starts growling and barking (thank God she is in the car as well, because I would not want to see that fight happen….I think I know who would win, and I would be very sad if that were to occur).

Well, they eventually moved away from us and I tried to snap a shot, but only grabbed my phone instead of the real camera, so I don’t have a good picture to post unfortunately.

My first bear sighting!

This is your warning sign:

If you ever come across this mark on a tree, you should run the other direction!  Ok ok, so this wasn’t taken today, but I did take it in Whistler, BC a couple of years ago…and I definitely took heed when I saw it and you should too!

A few miles later, what do I see?

A tiny chipmunk standing up in the middle of my lane!  I swerved a little, not a lot mind you, just enough to go right over top him and probably give him a little spin from the whoosh of the car.  It is rare to see a chipmunk just hangin’ around in the middle of the street.

As we are almost to the new destination, I am looking for the correct pull off spot, when what do I see?

This sweet little turtle just hangin’ in the street as well!!  What are all the woodland critters doing in the road today?

So naturally, I stop and move him off to the side

Hey, why did the turtle cross the road???

Ok, back to the hike.  Well, I went up and down the area for 20 minutes looking for the pull off that the directions mentioned and I’ll be darned if I ever found it!  So, the girls and I just pulled off to another trail and hiked there a while.

It started to get humid, as you can see from my hazy pictures of the mountains, so after an hour we went back home.

Back at the homestead, I had my fresh-baked bread ready for lunch with some chole masala hummus.  The flavor came out good, but it was a little dense.  I’ll try my hand at it again next week and see if I can’t lighten it up a some.

mmm….long hike, full belly….sounds like nap time to me!


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