wood fired brick oven pizza

What more do I have to say than that!

Last weekend, we held a Slow Food event at a friend’s farm.  Steve,  from Wake Robin Farm, was eager to please his fellow foodies with pizza.  When we arrived, Steve had all the dough ready and the oven radiating 800 degrees of heat!

Going to Steve’s is a real pleasure you see…   He lives high in the Carolina mountains on a beautiful piece of property.  Actually, the property is attached to two other pieces that are owned by family, that is why they called it Wake Robin (a wake robin is a type of Trillium, a plant that has three large leaves that attach to each other).

But, back to the food stuff…..

We had toppings galore!  All sorts of fresh, local made cheeses consisting of sheep and goat crumbles, and fresh mozzarella, local bacon, sausage,pepperoni, and sopressata meats from San Giuseppe Salami Co., sautéed local greens, and fresh veggies galore.  Everyone gets to top as many pizzas as they like and customize them your own special way, then we hand them off to Steve who tosses them in the brick oven for a few minutes (4, I believe was the magic number of minutes!), and viola! Yummy pizza in your tummy! Also, a local micro brewery donated some of their beer which seemed to pair well with our pizzas.

The table was set long with plates and platters, drinks abound, and rounded with good company.  It is important for people to come together like this in a family-style setting to sit down and “break bread” (well, pizza in our case) together.  That is what the ‘slow’ life is about, taking the time to enjoy your food with your family and friends.

Slow Food is a world-wide organization founded on the importance of heritage food and tradition.  Keeping our food safe, healthy, and sustainable is starting to become a crisis and it is up to us, as caring individuals, to make sure it stays healthy for us and our future.  I encourage all of you to research your area for a local group and get involved, and learn something new and fun about your food system!  You can always check out Slow Food USA for more information.


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