Formal Intoduction

Today, I would like to formally introduce you to “the girls”, Yana and Tala,(AKA Nanners and Fuzz) our doggies.

Yana is the mature lady who is nothing but a lover, unless you are the mailman of course….sorry mailman.

Tala is the wild spirited young pup who keeps Yana on her toes.

I will most likely be referring to them as “the girls”, or as “the puppies”, because they will always be our little babies of course!!  They come with us on most of our journeys, so expect to see a lot of them in future posts.  They are also good taste-testers for the recipes, since they love farm fresh eggs, milk, and meat.  Tala generally likes fruit.  Even the first day we brought her home, she went straight to my tomato plant, pulled off a juicy Roma ,and started eating it as you can see in the picture.  You can also see why we nick- named her fuzz…..(if that pic won’t make you want to get a puppy, then I don’t know what will)

We also spoiled her, by cooking her oatmeal and eggs for breakfast when she was a pup and gave her fresh meat.  Yana tends to love anything food, or anything resembling food.  I picked her up from the shelter about 8 years ago and she barely weighed 35 pounds…..not much weight for a Rottie.  Since then, we have fattened her up properly with some healthy food and lots of love.

These two are a daily comedy act, so please enjoy the silly stories and pics I may send out in future posts!


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