Today is the birth of my new blog!  I am excited to start sharing how to live slow with the fast-paced world around me.  It is so important for us to recognize that by getting back to our roots with the way we live will make us  healthy and happy individuals.

I am fortunate enough to live in an area that flourishes in “roots”.  Here in the Appalachia community, there is an abundance of  local farmers, cheese makers, local breweries and wineries, local rice and grits, bread bakers, flour mills, fresh and cured meats…….I guess I am trying to say that I am a very lucky individual to be able to  reap the benefits of my little city.  I love that five days a week, I can walk out my door, visit a tailgate market and shop for dinner, go to a wine or beer tasting from a local maker, stop off at the bakery for goodies, pick up some pottery to eat and drink it all in and be able to do it all within 4 blocks of my house!

Don’t let me mislead you though.  I know my description sounds picturesque, but there is no shortage of fast food here,and people who can’t afford to eat well or don’t know how or have time to cook for their families.  This side of the coin breaks my heart.  In recent days, I have really evaluated my life (for many reasons), and came to the conclusion that I need to change and I need to help make a change.  Blogging allows me the option to reach out and share as well as learning something from my viewers, so please join me in my new adventure and enjoy my blog!

Inspire your appetite!

Tia Maria


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