Branch Lettuce

Branch Lettuce, Saxifraga micranthidifolia, is a beautiful wild green here in the mountains of Appalachia.  It grows both along the edge, and in the middle of creeks on the sandy spots in early April.

The Indians use to collect the greens and eat them for nutritional value…..and hopefully for taste as well because it is the best tasting green I have ever eaten, and the bacon in the traditional way of cooking it may help a little!  As long as I have lived in the South, I have heard the old-timers refer to this dish as ‘wilted’  or ‘killed’ lettuce.  I always thought that the latter was a little harsh, so I prefer  ‘wilted.’  This is both, a beautiful and extremely tasty green.  It is very rewarding to pick from the wild land that has never been modified, sprayed, or tainted in any way.  It makes you appreciate the good things that are still out there growing strong and beautiful in our hectic world.

I encourage all of you to seek out local, wild greens in your area and don’t be afraid to ask your grandparents for an heirloom recipe to make it with.


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  1. Mountain greens

    Just picked a mess today. Also picked so ramps to cut up in it. Today is april 24, 2016. The lettuce is a little big. Got out to it a little late. Hope its not to tough. Plan on putting soup beans on tonite. Fry some taters up. Pown of cornbread and a big meal tomm. Happy pickens.

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